Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Supplement III: Eldritch Wizardry part 7

Looking at the psionic abilities for Clerics, there is a lot of overlap from the previous two entries, so this should be a quick post. As before, I’ll start with the Basic Abilities.

The following abilities are replicated from the Fighter or Magic-User: Detection of Evil/Good, Levitation, Hypnosis, Domination, ESP, Mind Over Body, and Body Equilibrium. The rest are as follows.

Empathy: Lets the user sense the basic emotional state of the subject.

Cell Adjustment: The user has the power to heal wounds and cure diseases. I think it’s a damn shame that this ability is only available to Clerics. Spreading the healing workload out to some other classes ought to be one of the first things that using psionics should achieve.

Animal Telepathy: The user can communicate with animals mentally. This begins with the ability to communicate with mammals, then adds more animal types until finally it includes monstrous animals (like owlbears I guess) and plants.

And now we move on to the Superior Abilities. Molecular Rearrangement, Precognition, Dimension Walking, and Astral Projection are duplicated from the other classes. That leaves us with a pretty good selection of unique abilities to go through.

Aura Alteration: This ability allows the user to disguise the aura of a cursed object, which is described here as ‘easily distinguished’. This is the first mention of this at all, and kind of defeats the purpose of cursed items to begin with (i.e. to hose any players who pick one up). So I will interpret that to mean that curses are easily detected by magic. Which is fine by me – anyone cautious enough to use a spell to check his magic items deserves to be rewarded. You know, unless it’s been disguised with this power.

Telempathic Projection: This ability allows the user to project basic emotions into the minds of a bunch of targets. So you can make everyone thirsty, or hungry, or angry or whatever.

Mass Domination: This ability allows the user to Dominate multiple targets, and on top of that the duration can last for weeks at a time. The only restrictions are that the targets can’t be made to act entirely against their will, and that extremely intelligent creatures can never be dominated. A caveat is also there for creatures with strong personalities, but no game effects are given.

Probability Travel: The user of this ability can travel to different planes and parallel worlds. Some uses are given for the power: to commune with friendly powers, or explore probabilities of a course of action. It sounds useful, until you read the bit where the ability corresponds to Astral Projecting into space – your character will have a high chance of being blown away by the Psychic Wind. But it’s easily the most interesting ability here, and it’s a shame that it gets tossed off in a one paragraph write-up. At least it establishes the existence of parallel worlds and alternate realities.

Next: I’ll try to quickly run through the Druid spell list.

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