Saturday, February 23, 2008

My First 4th Edition Character!

Over the Christmas period, Wizards of the Coast gifted us with the 4th Edition elf. Just yesterday, they gave is the 4th Edition rogue. Who am I to keep them apart? And so I present to you, with a sprinkling of fact and a dollop of speculation, my first 4th Edition character.

Name: Erdan
Race: Elf
Class: Thief
Level: 1
Alignment: Unaligned

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 130 lb.

Size: Medium

Speed: 7 squares

Vision: Low-light

Languages: Common, Elven

Strength: 13 (+1)
Dexterity: 18 (+4)
Constitution: 11 (--)
Intelligence: 11 (--)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Charisma: 13 (+1)

Hit Points: 23 (11 Bloodied)

Healing Surges: 6

Armor Class: 16 (+0 level bonus, +2 armor bonus, +4 Dex bonus)
(17 against opportunity attacks)
Reflex Defense: 16 (+0 level bonus, +2 class bonus, +4 Dex bonus)
Fortitude Defense: 10 (+0 level bonus)
Will Defense: 11 (+0 level bonus, +1 Wis bonus)

Initiative: +4

Trained Skills: Acrobatics (+9), Bluff (+6), Insight (+6), Perception (+10), Stealth (+9), Thievery (+9)
Other Skill Bonuses: +2 Nature

Feats: Alertness, Trapfinding (it's been mentioned that rogues get this for free)

Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, hand crossbow, longbow, short sword, shortbow, shuriken, sling
Armor Training: Leather

Equipment: Leather Armor, Short Sword, Dagger


Elven Accuracy (Encounter/Free Action/Personal): Reroll an attack roll. Use the second roll, even if it is lower.

Wild Step: Ignore difficult terrain when you shift (even if you have a power that allows you to shift multiple squares.

Group Awareness: You grant non-elf allies within 5 squares a +1 racial bonus to Perception checks.


First Strike: At the start of an encounter, you have combat advantage against any creatures that have not yet acted in that encounter.

Rogue Tactics – Artful Dodger: You gain a bonus to AC equal to your Charisma modifier (+1) against opportunity attacks.

Rogue Weapon Talent: When you wield a shuriken, your weapon damage die increases by one size. When you wield a dagger, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls.

Sneak Attack: Once per round, when you have combat advantage against an enemy and are using a light blade, a crossbow, or a sling, your attacks against that enemy deal +2d6 extra damage.


Piercing Strike (At Will/Standard Action): When wielding a light blade you can slip your weapon past armor, making an attack with Dex vs. Reflex. You deal 1[W]+4 damage.

Deft Strike (At Will/Standard Action): When wielding a crossbow, light blade, or a sling, you can move 2 squares before the attack before making an attack with Dex vs. AC. You deal 1[W]+4 damage.

Tumble (Emcounter/Move Action/Personal): You can shift 3 squares (ignoring difficult terrain due to being an elf).

Crimson Edge (Daily/Standard Action): When wielding a light blade, you make an attack with Dex vs. Fortitude. On a hit you deal 2[W]+4 damage, and the target takes ongoing damage equal to 6 and grants combat advantage to you (save ends both). On a miss you deal half damage.

NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that my rogue cannot have the powers of Tumble or Crimson Edge due to level-based requirement. I'm leaving them in, though, because I don't have any known alternatives to swap them with.

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