Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Project of Insanity

I'm not playing any D&D at the moment due to family commitments, but I do have one of my patented Insane Projects currently underway. I'm gradually reading through every D&D product ever, and trying to fit every single thing I find into an ongoing campaign.

Here is a brief overview of how it is going to work. The campaign will start using the original rules from 1974. Piece by piece I will begin including additions and rules changes as the campaign progresses - for example, the Thief class will eventually be introduced, and variable weapon damage will replace the rule where everything does 1d6. As time progresses the game will move into 1st edition AD&D, then to 2nd edition, and so on.

The Basic D&D sets will be there as well should the PCs ever venture into the worlds that operate under those rules (such us the Known World) - because I'll also be incorporating every D&D setting via gates and portals and whatever other means takes my fancy. Even a few of the more significant unofficial settings will be there, such as the Wilderlands of High Fantasy. This is my attempt to build the ultimate sandbox campaign, with a wealth of information at my fingertips that will never run out.

As for adventures, I figure that the OD&D portion will mainly centre around Castles Greyhawk and Blackmoor, with a few oldschool products thrown in for authenticity (i.e. Rob Kuntz's Bottle City, Isle of the Ape, the EX series). Once things progress to AD&D I'll try to include as many official modules as I can, and from there it will be pretty simple to figure out what modules go with what edition.

For anyone interested, I've been charting my progress in this thread. I've just finished dissecting the OD&D boxed set, and will sortly be posting a round-up of what the campaign currently looks like.

Oh, and my players? Don't click the link.

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