Friday, September 16, 2016

El Raja Key DVD Archive

I'm a frequent lurker around the various old-school D&D blogs, message boards and forums, so I was quite surprised that a project like this slipped past me: Rob Kuntz (you know, the co-DM of Greyhawk through much of the 1970s) is putting out an archival DVD with scans of a whole bunch of his work from the last four decades.  I'm kind of shocked that this isn't generating more excitement.

If I'm reading things correctly, it's going to include the entirety of his El Raja Key dungeons (the ones Gary played through using Mordenkainen), as well as a bunch of Rob's levels that were used as part of Castle Greyhawk.  It looks like they're going to be mostly untouched, as well - this isn't a Castle Zagyg situation, where the material is being extensively reworked for modern consumption.  This is the work, as it was, and as I want to see it.

Honestly, I'm super-stoked about this.  I'm fascinated by the earliest history of the game, and any glimpse at Gary and Rob's work from those days is something I really geek out over.  I'll be all over this when it gets released, despite the hefty price (about a hundred bucks US, but for over 1,000 image files of proper D&D history I'll fork out for it).

The best part is that it's supposed to be out within the next week.  Now, I know, it's Rob Kuntz, and timeliness has never been his strongest of suits.  But to me it appears as though most of the work is done.  If he says a week, surely even he can't mean more than six months, and I can wait that long.  (EDIT: I was being a jerk here.  If you're reading this post, ignore what I said and head over to (, because the Archive has been released.)

His blog is over here:  Check it out if you have the same interest in D&D history that I do.


Rob Kuntz said...

"Now, I know, it's Rob Kuntz, and timeliness has never been his strongest of suit..."

Is this supposed to be serious? I don't even know you in over my 40+ years and countless publications and awards I've received and I stumble upon a character slur. Listen chum, report the facts: The DVD is out, a new adventure is out, and here's my bio as a free-lance designer and writer since the beginning of the industry.

99% of what I've done in this career of mine has been free-lance, that while working a primary job for the most part. You should ask me about me, not others, or at least follow up on your post and keep up with what's really happening. Cheers and good gaming none-the-less--RJK

Nathan P. Mahney said...

Rob, my sincerest apologies. My intention was to generate interest and excitement in what you've got going on, and I slid a few jokes in there that I thought were well-intentioned. I'll be honest - I have a habit of shooting these posts out without a lot of thought, and obviously I overstepped the mark here. Maybe it's an Australian thing, or maybe I was just being a dick.

Again, apologies. I'm a fan of your work, and I wanted to let my readers know that the El Raia Key DVD was imminent. I went the wrong way about it, and I'll think twice before making unfounded comments like that again.